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We have high standards in all we do.

Our people have decades of experience addressing our client’s most pressing business problems. A full-service consulting firm, we solve our client’s problems in an agile manner that reduces complexity and leads to early successes. This allows our clients to focus on their future knowing that their present is secure. Our solution offerings work together to provide our clients everything they need to transform into an effective, digital organization.

Air Freight

Optus Freight supplied Airfreight services contain a plethora of options which are optimized to your needs on a case by case basis. Need it be Priority service or a balance between timely and cost-effective delivery to your destination. From small to over sized, economy to express, we have an option for you. Our services include:

Priority service
Time sensitive cargo allotted top priority for first available connection to ensure your cargo is delivered within the shortest time possible.

Standard service
Striking a Perfect balance between cost and transit time, optimized for cargo with a medium transit time requirement.

Economy service
Optimized for the most cost effective route to be taken to ensure cargo reaches destination which has significant savings you compared to the other options available. And at no loss in the effectiveness of our service to ensure you cargo reaches safely through timely updates.

Charter services
Oversize or Heavy for regular commercial option? We have our options of Chartering services providing an optimum selection of aircraft capable of handling your cargo.

Sea Freight

As a multinational company we are associated with leading shipping lines for sea freight loads from all the major ports in , Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe,Far East, China America and Japan.Our weekly schedule helps us to serve our customers with wide range of services.Our professional approach and speed are one of the factors which helps to offer competitive rates, frequent sailing, adequate vessel space and reliable schedules enabling just in time delivery of goods to the clients in need.Our service cover below points under one roof,Our services includes:

FCL & LCL (Dry & Reefer), Break-Bulk, RO/RO vessels.
Import & Export
Multimodal Operation
Custom brokerage
NVOCC & Consolidation
Sea-air Operation
Ship – Shore – Ship Container Transit Operation.

We a managed team of experienced and skilled staffs who are knowledgeable to handle your valuable cargo efficiently.Long term or short term storage and just in time deliveries will measurably reduce your inventory costs.With our leased facility located in different parts of PAN India our warehousing and distribution services can satisfy all your requirements We can provide you a full range of services, in a flexible, efficient, competitive and qualitative environment.Whether you are looking for long term or short term storage, you will find the right space in our modern, secured and well-protected facility.

Our detailed product for courier under express & economy mode is once of our highlights to consider as your service provider.We cover PAN India,along with Intra Africa,UAE,China,Hongkong,Europe,USA & UK.This sums up our entire coverage needed for you to opt us to serve you for your courier needs. 24 hours delivery/pick up
With the world turning in to a machine to utilize maximum from the time available, quick delivery has become the need of the hour.
India is geographically vast but that doesn’t hinders our passion to provide delivery/ collection services in couple of days.
We binds to the promise made every time for every delivery/ pickup .
Same day delivery/pick up
Last & First mile are often referred to as the most important phase of a logistic cycle.It is rightly said that these 2 sections determine your strength in wining the trust of your customer.Our same day service is tailor made for those who want quick service to safeguard their interest.Be it a personalized gift for your loved ones or an important document to reach airport , our team of riders and movers are on their toes waiting for instructions to act.
The most promising part of this service is, you can avail them on public holidays as well at the same price.
This means we got you covered 24×7, 365 days.

Our customer service division ensure to cover all aspects to safeguard your cargo & make sure it moves in good condition.Unfortunately there are instances when one cannot predict the circumstance we may have to face due to natural calamities,incidences due to 3rd party involment like pirate invasion,technical or /& mechnaical faliure or even delay in transit.If a carrier is liable for loss and/or damage caused to the goods during transport, there are clear statutory rules governing the carrier’s liability for the damage to and loss of goods. Such liability may be limited or excluded which would be unsatisfactory for the customer. As a result of which,we as an entity have developed an industry specific insurance product that covers our customer’s goods in the event of a claim on full terms if integrated into the customer contract.It provides a unique solution to make sure goods can be shipped when it matters most to our customers. The insurance option is integrated in our service proposal, pricing and contracts which will be, if applied and accepted by our clients, documented accordingly.SPECIAL COVER ELEMENTS

All risk coverage for physical loss or damage to your goods
Cover door-to-door service Express delivery cost cover for missed delivery dates (based on guaranteed delivery dates)
Including the risk of loading, unloading and reloading.
What customers can insure with us ?
Worldwide coverage
All modes of transportation
Door to door deliveries
Storage at our warehouse on monthly basis For more infomration on insurance coverage/scheme & proposals, feel free to contact us on cs@optusfreight.com

Customs Clearnace is one of the important aspects of logistics.This requires a detailed knowledge about the process & formalities which are known to our expert team of customs brokers.

We offer a complete coverage of brokerage services for both Import and Export custom clearance to our clients (includes full product line classification, duty drawback, duty reduction assistance,compliance management).
Our online interface with Indian Customs and other government agencies through our automated broker interface permits us to clear your shipment immediately on landing.This allows us to execute the process with proper flowchart thereby helping you to have a significant cost reduction with time saving solution.
Due to our presence in multiple continents ,we are self contained to provide similar solutions at different airports, thereby increasing our chances to win customer’s trust on us.

The increasingly high-tech world of global exhibition logistics is keeping the industry on its toes. Shorter access windows and the need to be more economical than ever with time onsite at venues means that quality of service is as important, if not more so, than initial project costs.“Exhibition organisers’ main concern should still be how to attract the right visitors to come for the show or event (the overall experience), which will translate to business for the exhibitors.Operational safety, rather than security, is an important factor where shorter access windows exist for build-up/breakdown, and is “more a concern of the service providers like stand builders and logistics providers as this increases the risk of accidents on site”, she says.Exhibition logistics is the term that refers to the delivery, heavy lifting and safe storage of exhibition related freight. The overall cost is based on how many services you need and distance, but all services are priced based on the size (length, height and depth) and weight of your freight.

Exhibition logistics differs from regular logistics in several ways, primarily in the knowledge of how exhibition venues work. Exhibition logistics companies (like ours) only deal with exhibition freight and so are able to navigate your freight all the way to your stand, regardless of what it is. Regular couriers aren’t permitted on-site, so they’ll need to pin someone down to get a signature before leaving… Which could take a while.That is when we are there to rescue you from the so felt complicated technical formalities.Leave it to us to ensure your accessories for your exhibition will be trasported and placed at your allocaed booth in the centre before even you arrive for the event.Our experts who are trained and worked to handle such critical cargo, make note of each & every bit of detail needed by you to be followed to ensure nothing is left behind or goes offtrack before the big event.The presence at each transit point where the units transit & travel across ,helps in receiving real time information on our units.This safeguards the schedule we planned giving us a sucess rate of almost 100 % in exhibition business.Thats not all we would say,the formalities in clearing out the booth after the exhibition is sucessfully executed is our responsibilty to get things packed and moved. Your exhibtion event is our opportunity to prove our efficiency which we have done for serveal years & would love to prove over & over again .

A rapid action plan with proper execution is essential for handling an AOG issue .Our dedicated team of experts specialized in AOG handling provides an efficient resolution by assessing the part that needs to be transported, its dimension and weight, distance between the destination and origin, available time frame and budget. Our operations team provides for minimal intervals between paperwork to wheels up.

The term AOG stands for grounded aircraft. Having a multi million dollar piece of equipment stranded in a domestic, or worst- foreign airport is an expensive event. To minimize the damages and fees caused by layover fees, delayed departures and canceled flights the corporate offices charter aircraft to deliver the needed parts as quickly as possible – AOG mode. AOG term is also used for stranded production lines, ships, construction and all other large projects that come to a halt because of missing parts.

Having a 24-hour operations base allows us to provide our customers with an immediate, on demand air cargo services

Pharmatransport provides a specialised medical and healthcare transportation service to many of the industry’s leading pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.
We provide our customers with flexible collection and delivery solutions througout PAN India along with global market.Our aim is to transport your products under the best conditions. Pharmaceutical products in particular are extremely sensitive and all given specified temperature ranges are strictly adhered to.
International and national transport of pharmaceutical and healthcae products includes:
Specialist one-off medicines
Bio pharmaceuticals
Clinical trials
Named patient
Genetic Samples
Research & Development Samples
Analytical (DNA) Samples
Sports test samples
Hospital medicine transport
Hospital Organ, Plasma and Blood transport
NHS transportation
Medical & Healthcare Transport
Sensitive pharmaceutical products
Life Sciences test samples
Specimen transport

We have expertise in providing transport for the entire range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products including DNA Samples, Laboratory specimen, time critical and sensitive Biotech-medication and specialist medication for named patient and hospital support.
Our fleet of Express vehicles for urgent consignments have:
Dual temperature capability
Live temperature monitoring and reporting
Full vehicle tracking
Fully validated
We understand the criteria of pharmaceutical transportation and safeguard the effectiveness of your products by demonstrating good distribution practice.